The Wedding that is Coming

by David

June 7, 2017, 8:23 p.m.

     I love weddings. Not like I love peanut butter or quiet coffee shops. I love weddings not unlike I love the memory of that one time we had a white Christmas in south Texas, or how I love a late night road trip featuring Red Bull, trail mix, and best friends. I love weddings because weddings are joy. Not for the reasons Hollywood would indiscriminately define them as joy, but for deeper reasons: Two broken people, plunging into the ultimate risk of loving one another for life in the presence of their closest human relations on the planet, before an almighty God who, himself, is also love. Weddings are a deep, weighty joy.

                As I write this I’m thousands of miles, and continents away from two recently married friends and a handful of others popping the question to their brides to be (hopefully!). I can’t lie, part of it tears at my heart. It’s a slight tear I feel in the midst of surging excitement that these brothers are risking love and stepping into a new chapter of manhood. Every time one tells me they’re planning on proposing or setting venue dates, I do a air punch and long distance chest bump, just to reaffirm Im stoked for them. I will miss no less than 4 of the most important days of some of the most important people in my life, it tears at my heart, but not in a bitter way. It tears at my heart in a joyfully longing sort of way. It does this because I love weddings, and I’ve realized I love weddings because I’ve always been waiting on one.

                I'm a Christian. Because of this, the wedding I’m longing and waiting for is the grandest that’s coming. The thought of this wedding helps me cope with the yearning I have for being at my friends’ weddings, mainly because I know we’ll all be at this wedding together. We’ll be the bride, and our groom will be the shepherd and lover of our souls, Jesus. He will come and take us to himself, we’ll be where he will be, and our joy will be complete. Yes, the joy I have at a friend’s wedding, or the joy I have as they propose and I long to be at their side to share in their closing and opening chapters, even that joy is incomplete. The biggest wedding is still to come, and as I rejoice with my friends from a distance, I remember that our greatest joy together is still to come. Until then we enjoy the weddings we have this side of eternity that dimly, yet still nonetheless, reflect the ultimate wedding that is coming! Oh yes, there will be punch.

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